Welcome to my world! There’s something magical about turning 40. You stop experimenting as much. You stop exploring as much. But in return, you build a foundation of who you are. From that foundation, you uncover what you really want to say and what you really want to do.

At heart, I’ve always been a talker and an entrepreneur. As a “grownup,” that means I’m a writer and a business owner. The journey I’ve taken has been circuitous at best. I’ve built 3 businesses so far, with a few more on the way!

Each business I build teaches me another lesson. As I learn those lessons, they turn into ideas. Those ideas become stories. Those stories become books.

When I published my first book Splatter Dating, I couldn’t figure out how to make money as an author. I went on to get a “day job” starting my own massage therapy business. I’ve now realized that the lessons I’ve learned must be written down. Even if I die old and broke, it isn’t fair to the people that want (or possibly need) those ideas. The story must go on.

Therefore, in the spirit of saying what needs to be said, I’ve returned to the fold of writing. I’ve started writing my next book. Although rigorous and emotional, I feel called to it. Links and such to pre-order coming pretty soon.

Yours in Words,
March 1st, 2016